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Systems Implementation Assistance

We have assisted our clients in their efforts to upgrade to more sophisticated platforms and systems, running all aspects of parallel testing and ensuring that senior management and the trading area feel comfortable with the results of the new platform before it “goes live.” We provide complete testing and reporting of the results to management on a regular basis. We allow you to conduct your business while you become familiar with your new system. We then train your staff on the nuances of the new system and ensure that they are aware of all of its features. We can ensure the smooth transition from existing processing platforms to new processing environments with minimal exposure to your portfolio, little interference in your current process and the incremental increases in staff required to manage a parallel process.

Converted from spreadsheets for EOS (Derivatives System)

  • Entered new trade date and counterparty data into a spreadsheet database and EOS
  • Maintained data in both systems
  • Reconciled all financial data between the spreadsheet and EOS system

Converted from outsource to Total Return (Hedge Fund System)

  • Reconciled outsourced records to custodial records for cash and security positions
  • Compared data download to Total Return with outsourced records
  • Researched and corrected discrepancies
  • Performed complete parallel testing for several months to endure NAV accuracy

Converted from SPARKS to CTS

  • Provided full trade support team to recreate processing environment during parallel
  • Trained relevant personnel on the new system
  • Assumed responsibility for resolution of daily differences for four month period after conversion

Converted from Sungard to NCS Series 7 VAX Trustware (Trust System)

  • Reconciled Sungard to custodial share and cash balances
  • Investigated and corrected discrepancies between Sungard and the custodian banks
  • Setup customer master file and security master file in the NCS system
  • Input all trading activity into NCS daily and verified versus Sungard reports
  • Managed complete parallel test of both systems, including a month-end closing

Converted from legacy system to NTAPS (MBS Clearance System)

  • Assisted in trade input to both systems and comparison of output
  • Reviewed and corrected errors in the master files between the two systems
  • Managed complete parallel test of both systems

Converted DOS based Total Return to UNIX-based Total Return (Hedge Fund System)

  • Compared functionality of UNIX-based system to DOS-based system
  • Analyzed and corrected problems arising from merging multiple single currency accounts into a single multi-currency account

Conversion from OMARK to Swapval (Derivatives System)

  • Monitored and compared cashflows in both systems
  • Advised management of “bugs” identified and monitored resolution