“Panache has a core staff that has been providing services to the global financial community for over 30 years.”

PanacheIcons_OurPeopleBecause Panache is a boutique consulting firm with over three decades in the industry, we are able to provide resources for our clients that we have known and trusted for many years.   These consultants are people whose expertise and character is that of the highest standards. This process is more than just a business model for us, it is our founding directive and principal.   Panache provides these optimal resources and great people, all while maintaining an internal value proposition for our clients. Nearly all Panache consultants come into our firm through personal recommendations from relationships we have acquired over the years.

Whether it be an ex Panache employee now permantly placed at a former client, or a former client themselves, Panache’s vetting process begins with recommendations from trusted sources already working within the industry we are servicing. This type of process insures us the best people for our clients and the best resources available.  Our clients can be confident that consultants who work under the Panache banner are proven experts in their field.

Panache’s Internal Value Proposition

Panache consultants integrate into the client culture seamlessly to ensure we are in lock step with our management partners. Panache provides the best talent by maintaining fair and low margins in comparison to other firms, allowing Panache to maximize productivity and minimize costs while achieving the project goals within budget and on time. Panache is a low risk service provider.