A Message from the President

S ince early September, when the stock market began its steep decline and the credit squeeze brought down once mighty banks and brokerage houses, the very nature of Wall Street as we knew it disappeared. All of the traditional stand-alone investment houses filed Chapter 11, merged with more traditional banks or reincorporated as banking entities. Many firms that supported the traditional institutions have had to adapt to new realities of the street. We as a firm are moving forward and adapting to this environment.
While the experience and expertise of our staff lie primarily in the support of more sophisticated markets, we believe that their skill sets are adaptable to the less aggressive trading strategies we believe the new banking entities will pursue. So when you are considering the various types of experience we as a firm have, remember that the experiences of our staff can work very effectively in support of any trading strategy your firm wishes to pursue. We are ready and able to support the new and evolving Wall Street of the future.