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PanacheIcons_CareerDevWe at Panache are looking for talented and exceptional individuals to join our team. If you are working on your degree or already have industry experience, we can offer you a rewarding career.

At Panache we strive to create an environment to allow you to continue developing your career potential. We provide competitive compensation, and opportunities to enhance your skill set.

Career Development

Opportunities at overseas client locations are available to individuals interested in gaining international experience and who have the skills required by the client. Senior consultants have the opportunity to develop management skills and can direct and facilitate client relationships.

  • Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Senior Analyst
  • Senior Consultant
  • Project Manager
Panache Global - Current Positions

PanacheIcons_CareerMany opportunities exist for a long and prosperous career as a consultant on Wall Street. Panache is a specialized boutique management consulting firm supporting major banks and investment houses in handling the complex products they trade.

A career with Panache provides a challenging and rewarding exposure to different areas of capital markets and investment banking.

If you are well educated but inexperienced, we can provide the training you require. We provide both short term and long term consulting opportunities in the financial industry.

Also, if it applies to you, please include in your notes anyone you may have worked with from Panache in the past or any clients, former employees or current employees that may have recommended you.

Thank you for considering Panache Resources for your placement needs.

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